23rd IAGG world congress of gerontology and geriatrics

Ageing well in a globalized world

5-9 July 2026, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Welcome to IAGG 2026!

It is pleasure to invite you to attend the 23rd IAGG World Conference in Amsterdam, July 5-9 2026, on behalf of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, the Dutch Society for Gerontology (NVG-KNOWS), the Netherlands Clinical Geriatrics Society (NVKG), and the Dutch professional organisation of Nurse Practitioners in Geriatrics and Gerontology (V&VN-GG).

In the coming decades, ageing and quality of life of older adults will be impacted by multiple global developments. Firstly, life expectancy will continue to increase across the world, both in developed and developing countries, especially due to new (medical) technologies that promise a breakthrough over the coming decade. Secondly, globalisation will result in a stronger interdependency between countries and continents, a more intensive global communication through ICT and social media, as well as an increased mobility that leads large groups of migrants ageing in countries other than their country of origin. And thirdly, global patterns of consumption and the growing world population continue to impact our climate, the consequences of which are being experienced throughout the world and which are raising specific challenges for older adults and communities.

What is needed is an integrated community of researchers, policymakers, care professionals, NGO’s, and other stakeholders to interact and learn from one another’s experiences to tackle the challenges of the next decade and reap the benefits of scientific and technological achievements for the global ageing population. The 23rd IAGG World Conference aims to furnish this interaction.

We promise a broad conference that provides a platform for contributions from the various disciplines and practices that help to improve the position, health and wellbeing of older populations. Contributions are invited from the biological and health sciences to the social sciences and humanities, and from social policy to nursing home care practice, and from physiotherapy to nursing.

Amsterdam is an attractive location to visit, not only on the touristic scene, but also because it can be easily reached through one of the largest European airports with many direct international flight connections. The Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre, where the conference will be held, is uniquely situated between the airport (13 minutes) and the city centre (9 minutes). It has its own train and metro stations as well as a tram stop right outside. Furthermore, Amsterdam has an ideal climate in the summer to host participants from all over the world.

I hope to see you in Amsterdam for the 23rd IAGG World Conference!

On behalf of the Organising Committee,

Prof.dr. Martijn Huisman, conference president


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