Attractions and sights

Amsterdam boasts over 800 years of captivating history, offering a treasure trove of attractions and sights. Explore ancient castles, stunning museums, hidden courtyards, and charming cobbled streets, all set against the backdrop of the city’s iconic canals. Naturally, a trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the quintessential elements – tulips, windmills, and cheese abound, adding to the city’s enchanting allure.


Public transport

Navigating Amsterdam via public transport is easy and convenient. The extensive GVB-operated network links the city’s neighborhoods and the greater Amsterdam Area through trains, trams, metros, buses, and ferries.


Restaurants and bars

Whether you’re seeking Michelin-starred dining or a cozy local spot, Amsterdam offers a culinary delight for every taste. Don’t miss the vibrant bar scene – relax at a canal-side terrace and watch the world go by, or visit a chic cocktail bar for something expertly crafted and sophisticated.