NVG-KNOWS promotes the development, dissemination, application, and evaluation of gerontology, the study of aging. NVG-KNOWS forms a national and international network for everyone with a passion for gerontology in the fields of practice, policy, education, and/or research. Through connection and exchange within the network, we aim to contribute to a healthy and meaningful life throughout the aging process.


The association of clinical geriatricians is committed to providing quality care for elderly people with fragile health in every hospital.

V&VN afdeling Geriatrie & Gerontologie

V&VN is the Dutch Nurses Association. V&VN is committed to the professional development of nurses, caregivers and nurse practitioners and has developed a quality register for nurses.

V&VN boasts more than 105.000 members and aims to enhance professionalism and knowledge in nursing and improve policies. V&VN acts as a central point of contact for government and other healthcare-related associations and represents nurses at policy level. The department Geriatrics and Gerontology is one of the departments of V&VN. This department has about 900 members including care workers, nurses, and nurse practitioner.

They work primarily in hospital, primary care and nursing home settings. The department Geriatrics and Gerontology wants every care workers, nurses, and nurse practitioner (young professionals to aspiring professionals etc.) to experience a sense of professional pride, control and autonomy and to have the space to develop further and, to do so, to have access to the most up-to-date knowledge (guidelines) and relevant networks in the care of older people.